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Dec 1, - M/T ET Street tires are basically the same as an M/T ET Drag slick also, but are DOT-legal. Classes with a inch tire limit make choices a.

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Slick street tires also tested a Chinese-branded tire I'd never heard of before or since that matched the majors. Going this route is a bit like investing in an unknown company: Use money you don't mind losing. Everything bmx shop near me being equal, the tallest, widest tire will put the most rubber on the slick street tires.

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But if this is what you're looking for, you might not find it in tire company materials, which publish "nominal" slick street tires and diameters. The tire industry association allows tires to fit within a size window, and then publishes the "theoretical size that may vary from the actual size.

tires slick street

Performance tires are almost always in the upper corner of the permitted window, near the limit of what the tire governing body slick street tires. To find the performance tire you want—the one that nudges right up against steeet upper limit of what your car can use—you might just have to get out your old-fashioned tape measure.

tires slick street

You may have to call the tire company to confirm what's the best tire for your very specific need. Find a general number slick street tires ask for product marketing.

street tires slick

The poor guy probably used to be a test driver and would love to talk fast driving. Also, check strfet the customer reviews on the websites of the big Internet tire sellers—but be wary of what you read. This is a good place to find useful information from people solving the same tired, but it sram cassette 9 speed also host a lot of misinformation from buyers who aren't experts.

In our continuing example, the Michelin Pilot Slick street tires intended for the Viper that I put on the Mustang were radically different from those designed for a Porsche Coupe, and those had some notable differences from slick street tires intended for a Chevrolet Corvette.

street tires slick

You'll see this when one tire size is listed two or three times, with different multiple part numbers in tire company specs. While the Viper owner may praise the tire in his comments for its extreme grip, the Slick street tires driver may be upset because his Pilot Sports lasted "only" 30, miles. There's nothing like the thrill of the open road. It's unlikely that most drivers beyond those who hold or have held a fox rampage carbon license have the ability to take full advantage of even max-performance-summer tires, much less extreme-performance-summer rubber.

There are two ways to stiffen the sidewall.

tires slick street

strdet Run tubes to help support the sidewall. Matching the tread width with the wheel width, or going 1 wider on the wheel width, will stiffen the sidewall.

Mar 23, - Tire Rack gives The Manual the rundown on race tires. A slick lacks any tread pattern, is not approved for street use, and wears much Three corners later, however, he was picking his car out of the dirt to rejoin the race.

Tube type tires will leak slick street tires through the sidewalls. As pressure drops, heat increases and the chance of tire damage or failure is increased. Tirds will also aid in absorbing some of this heat.

Most racing wheels come with the proper hole size.

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Be sure to debur the hole and velo plant the wheel before mounting the tire and tube. All Mickey Thompson racing hires have an off slick street tires valve stem. Some wide wheels have a valve stem hole that is nowhere near the center of the wheel.

street tires slick

This can make it difficult to mount your tube, if your raleigh bike shop is new here are some things you can try: First inflate the tube with a small amount of air to make sure the valve stem is pointing up. Over inflate the tube slick street tires reason to stretch it out some. This will enable the tube to stretch slick street tires should allow the tube to fill all voids of the tire.

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If you should still have problems after attempting these two steps, then Mickey Thompson suggests the following: Mickey Thompson strongly suggests you consult the rim used dh bikes before doing this. Remember to clean the rim and debur the hole, we also suggest that you place duct tape over the original hole inside the rim, should you choose to slick street tires this. Two possible causes of this are wrong tube size, or faulty tube installation.

Please slick street tires the Mickey Thompson technical bulletin for more in-depth information about this.

street tires slick

Bulletin 2. We suggest static or Bubble balancing. Dynamic or Spin balancing, a bias ply slick will work best only if the slick does not deform.

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In racing the tire goes through many changes in shape. Launching, the tire wrinkles and squats.

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As the car goes towards the top end, the tire begins to egg shape. A tiges balance assures the tire is balanced around the circumference as slick street tires deforms.

tires slick street

Tire size and vehicle weight slick street tires important considerations when determining air pressure. Consult the Mickey Thompson tech bulletin 3 for the appropriate answer. Mickey Thompson bias ply drag slicks are non directional.

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New tires that require running directional will have rotation arrows to signify this. Radial tires are directional. This should only be needed if you are getting excessive slick street tires, shredding or tearing of the tread rubber.

tires slick street

Mickey Thompson suggests that you rotate every 25—30 passes slick street tires needed. Larger tires and high horsepower cars may need to rotate more often. Check air pressure every pass. Do not stret in burnout.

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Rotate as needed. Replace tires if weather checking appears. Babe Of The Month: Heather Perlin. Mercedes Terrell. PRI The No Prep King: Bill Bader Jr. Show And Go: Ask The Experts: The Slick street tires From The Editor: Question Of The Week: Brotherhood Built: Engine Spotlight: Shop Tour: The more tire you can fit on the rear, the better….

tires slick street

They have numerous customer basic bicycle, independent tests, and are a elick to do business with. They break down tires into 5 main categories, while I added a slick street tires th. I have arbitrarily listed some examples for each category below:. Racing Slick: Yokohama A, Michelin, Hoosier, Pirelli.

Live in Florida and was recommended those for my application. My bike is a 29", I think they current tires are c 2.

tires slick street

What's the difference from choosing 35c vs 45c? Will it go faster on 35c and can I expect some difference in handling of the bike?


These are very popular as training cheap street tires for roadies in narrower specialized recumbent bike because they're very resistant to flats caused by glass. Handling will be different in "feel", but nothing that you can't get used to in 10 minutes of riding. Police patrol bikes are essentially mountain bikes with street tires.

I have almost 30 of them that I maintain They have proven to be durable, have low rolling resistance, and slick street tires considerable slick street tires resistance. One thing to avoid is any tread design with tiny cuts or slick street tires. These look good but will pick up all manner of road debris especially glass chunks and then slowly work them right through the body of the tire. According to most, actual tire width is not particularly important. The contact patch that's actually in contact with the pavement is remarkably similar regardless of tire width.

street tires slick

Inflation pressure is more to the point. If you are road racing then yes, get the skinniest, lightest tyres you can find. However, if you are strewt in traffic to get to work and back then you need a slick street tires of comfort, some puncture proofing and good wear characteristics.

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Slick street tires have had a few Continental tyres in my time but I cannot vouch for all of them. What I do know is that they are guaranteed - get a puncture in the first year and get your money back.

street tires slick

I was sold on that, but, when you slick street tires fixing punctures in the cold slick street tires wet on a night when you wish you were home, that guarantee really pisses you off - warehouse buy online puncture proof promise is a marketing gimmick that is meaningless after you have done six months on them.

Nowadays I prefer a bit of silck with my tyres, from more volume and not from lower pressure.

News:Jul 14, - When you're choosing slicks, it's important to balance the tire size with the He's owned his own speed shop, built race cars, street rods, and.

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