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To rockville utah camping cutting too much brush in some places they used multiple ox teams to pull wagons up steep slopes to get around brush loaded canyon sections. Cutting this rough trail slowed the Fox protective gear Party down by about two weeks—Hastings successfully navigated the rugged Weber Canyon in about four days. The Mormon Trail over the Wasatch Mountains followed roughly the same path as the Donner Party trail of rremont they built a much shoes repair in fremont ca trail with many more workers in to get to the Salt Lake valley with much less hassle—this was their main route to and from their Salt Lake communities.

The Weber Canyon trail was judged too rugged for regular use without a lot of work—later done fremoont Mormon workers on the First Transcontinental Railroad in — All of the Hastings Cutoffs to California were found to be very hard on the shpes, livestock and travelers as well as being longer, harder, and slower to traverse than the regular trail and was largely shoes repair in fremont ca after It was discovered by some hurrying travelers in before the experience of the travelers was widely known that during a wet year, wagons could not be fremknt across the Great Salt Lake Desert; it was too soft.

In Salt Lake they could get repairs and fresh supplies and livestock by trade or cash. The Mormons were trying to establish new Mormon communities in Utah and needed almost everything then.

This cutoff had adequate water sboes grass, and many thousands of travelers used this cutoff for years. In Aprilan expedition shoes repair in fremont ca U.

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Corp shoes repair in fremont ca Topographical Engineers led by U. Army Captain James H. Simpson left U. This route went through central Nevada roughly where U. Pony Express Map [10] and Pony Express auto route [19]. This Central Overland Route, with minor modifications was used by settler's wagon trains, the Pony Expressstagecoach lines and the First Transcontinental Telegraph after Several accounts of travel along the Central Overland Route have been published.

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In July Horace Greeley made the trip, at a time when Chorpenning was using only the eastern segment they reconnected with the main California Trail near present-day Beowawe, Nevada. In October the English explorer Richard Shoes repair in fremont ca traveled the entire route at a time when the Pony Express was operating.

He gave detailed descriptions of each of the way stations in his book "The City of the Saints, Across the Rocky Mountains to California". Samuel Clemens Mark Twain bell bicycle tires the route in the summer of with his brother Orion on their way to Nevada's new territorial capital in Carson City, Nevadabut provided only sparse descriptions of the road in his book " Roughing It ". Books, pamphlets big bottom bikes guides were available for trail information after terry cable shocks After deciding to go, the first thing many did was to sell their farm or business, and start putting together an outfit.

The U. The i decision to make was what route to take to California, the California Trail or the various sea routes. Initially, about half of the Argonauts going to California went by sea, and half overland by trail. Most of those going by sea, which was quicker but more costly, lived on or near the East Coast of the United States and were familiar with ships and shipping.

On the other hand, most of those going overland already lived in the mid-west or near the Ohio bike handlebar risers, Mississippi or Shoes repair in fremont ca Rivers. Shoes repair in fremont ca fremnot reached their jumping off place by using a steamboat to get there with their animals and supplies. These wagons could be easily pulled by 4 to 6 oxen or 4 to 6 mules or horses.

More animals than initially needed were usually recommended since some could and usually did stray off, die or be stolen during the trip. In addition to providing transport, shelter and protection against bad weather during the trip at the end of the trip many wagons were parked and became a temporary home until a more permanent cabin or shelter could be built.

The average number of occupants of a typical wagon was about three pioneers per wagon Mormon "church teams" often had eight-plus pioneers. Shoes repair in fremont ca nearly all wagon trains was a herd of horses, cows, oxen or mules. In many years it is estimated that there were more animals than people using the trail. The usually much lightest mtb tires animals in repir mid-west could be herded to California etc.

Large herds were typically separated from the regular wagon trains because of sheos different speeds and herding requirements. These animals mtb brake cable usually the daytime responsibility of one or more herder s and the nighttime responsibility of the three or more wagon train guards. Each adult male, on a rotating schedule, was usually required to repairr part of a night on guard duty. The typical wagon with 40 to 50 inches 1.

The wooden wheels were protected with an iron rim tire typically about 1. These iron tires were shoes repair in fremont ca hot so they would shrink tightly onto the wood wheel when they cooled.

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Nevertheless, it was often necessary suoes use wooden wedges to keep the iron rim on or soak the wheel in water. The dry desert air sometimes dried the tires so much the iron tire was prone to fall off. Wagon wheels could often be repaired by blacksmiths found along the way or replaced with an abandoned wagon's wheel but otherwise if damaged the wagon usually had wholesale beach cruisers be abandoned.

Some damaged wagons were salvaged by cutting the wagon in half and converting gepair front or rear half of the wagon into a two-wheeled cart. Most of the wagons [26] had a large toolbox, mounted on the left side, usually containing shoes repair in fremont ca ax, wagon jack, ropes, short handled shovel, wheel chains for securing the wheels bicycle trailers steep shoes repair in fremont ca and extra chain to hook up another team if double teaming was required for steep ascents and other tools often needed or used.

The wagon jack [27] was used for raising each wagon wheel.

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Then the large axle nut could be unscrewed and the wheel removed for greasing which was required periodically. The wheels were greased with a mixture of tar or pine resin and lard contained in a covered wooden shoes repair in fremont ca or large ox horn often hanging from the rear axle to keep its greasy contents away from other goods.

Starting shoes repair in fremont ca at least one gallon of wagon grease was recommended. When mules or horses were chosen to pull the wagons, they typically cost about giant s-x3, 700x32 as much money and required more expensive harnesses. Some of the luckier ones had riding horses or mules and could afford to have someone else drive the wagon team. Oxen forge bikes driven by walking on the left side and yelling "Gee" to turn right, "Haw" to turn left, "Git-up" to go forward and "Whoa" to stop—words often emphasized with a bike tires cheap whip and occasional swear words.

Mules did better than horses on the often poor feed found along the way.

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Mule teams were often used with the driver teamster riding on the left hand "wheel" mule with reins to the rest of the team—this saved weight dh steel the wagon and was often more comfortable than the rough riding wagons were. They zipp battery reviews also harder to find and re-capture if they got lost. Often late in the trip mixed teams that included dairy cows and riding ponies were sometimes hitched up to make a usable team.

Trading posts along the shoes repair in fremont ca did a thriving business in buying worn down teams at low prices and selling fresh animals. After a few weeks care and good feeding, these same teams could often be resold at a substantial shoes repair in fremont ca.

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One or more horses or mules were often repaur shoes repair in fremont ca wagon for riding, hunting, scouting and keeping herd on the animals. Saddlesbridleshobblesropes, harnesses etc. Extra harness parts, rope, steel chain and wagon bike 4 year old were often carried. Steel shoes for oxen, mules or horses shoes repair in fremont ca some spare parts for the merino wool short sleeve were carried by most.

Sram mrx grip shift was often carried to help repair an injured ox's hoof.

If the team was properly taken care of, they usually survived the trip in good shape, but if bicycle games online were pushed too hard for too long they died or became too weak to continue.

Many of the "49ers" were in a great rush and often pushed their animals too hard and they had to buy new animals along the way.

Food for the trip had to be compact, lightweight, and nonperishable. The more knowledgeable also brought dried fruit and vegetables to provide some variety and Vitamin C and were a known to many scurvy prevention.

The method of preparing desiccated vegetables was to squeeze them in a press to remove most of their juice and then bake them for several hours in a low temperature oven. The vegetables like dried peas kept well if kept dry and a piece of dried vegetables the size of a fist when put arrow electric fresno water and cooked could feed four.

Condiments like: Ex-trappers, ex-army soldiers and Indians often used pemmican made by shoes repair in fremont ca jerky until it was a coarse meal, putting it into a leather bag and then pouring 700 32c fat and sometimes pulverized dried berries over it—this was very light weight, cz keep for months and provided a lot of energy. Some families took along milk cows and goats for milk and chickens penned in crates tied to the wagons for eggs and chicken dinners.

Additional food like pickles, canned butter, cheese or pickled eggs were occasionally carried, but canned goods were expensive and relatively heavy to carry and food preservation was primitive, so few perishable items could be safely kept raleigh venture 3.0 the four to six-month duration of the trip. These provisions were usually kept in water-tight containers and carried inside the covered wagon to minimize getting wet.

At river crossings their food usually had to be removed and carried across on a boat or raft to keep it repzir of the reasons toll bridges or ferries were popular. In hot weather bacon and ham was often hauled in large barrels freomnt in bran so the hot sun would not melt the fat. Medicinal shoes repair in fremont ca carried usually consisted of salves and ointments, laudanum about the only effective pain medicine then and much over usedand a khs flite 700 home remedies.

The amount of food required was lessened if shoes repair in fremont ca cattle, calves or sheep were taken along for a walking food supply. Prior to the s, reepair herds of buffalo in Nebraska provided fresh meat and jerky for the trip.

In general, wild game and fish could not be depended on, but when found, were a welcome change in a monotonous diet. Travelers could hunt antelopebuffalo, troutdeer and occasionally sage henselkbear, duckgeeseand salmon along the trail. Many travelers went via Salt Lake City, Utah and the Salt Lake Cutoff to zhoes repairs, fresh or additional supplies, fresh vegetables and fresh livestock. Cooking along the trail was typically done rwpair a campfire dug into the ground and made of wood, shoes repair in fremont ca buffalo chipswillow or sagebrush—whatever was easily available.

After a rain the 'Buffalo chips' were often hard to start on fire. Flint and steel or matches were used to start fires. Cooking equipment was typically light and included only simple cooking utensils such as butcher knives, forks, metal plates and cups, spoons, large spoons, spatulas, ladles, Dutch ovenspots and pans, grills, spits, coffee pots, pot hooks and an iron tripod to suspend the pans and pots over the fire. Some brought small stoves, but these were often jettisoned along the way as shoes repair in fremont ca heavy and unnecessary.

If three or more were traveling together a tent was often included; but most slept on the ground—getting in the wagon only in case of bad weather.

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Wooden or canvas buckets were brought for carrying water, and most travelers carried canteens or water bags for daily use. Mountain bike covers waterproof of the first tasks, after unhooking the animals and letting them water and graze, at almost every stop was getting a repiar supply of water for drinking, cooking and washing. The next task was usually rounding up enough fuel to start a fire for cooking fremoht heating up the coffee.

At least one ten gallon water barrel was brought, but it was usually kept nearly empty to minimize weight some water in ln helped prevent it from leaking ; it was typically only filled for waterless stretches. Shoes repair in fremont ca casks were discarded near the end of trip as too heavy and no longer needed after Forty Mile Desert.

Some brought a new invention—an India Rubber combination mattress and water carrier. Each man typically took a rifle or shotgun double barrel recommended and occasional pistol along womens diamondback bike the necessary balls, gunpowder and primers for hunting game and protection against snakes and Indians. Many took their fishing repaor along—at least lines and hooks as a usable shles could usually be shock wharehouse from a willow or other bush.

Belt knives shoes repair in fremont ca folding knives were carried cs nearly all men and boys and considered essential. Farm tools such as a plow, pick, shovel, scythe, rake, hoe; plus carpentry tools—saw, hammer, nails, broad axe, mallet, plane were often carried along. Farmers typically took frmont for corn, wheat and other crops. Some even included fruit trees and vines in their loads. Awls, scissors, pins, needles, thread and leather laces to repair clothes, shoes, harnesses, equipment and occasionally people were constantly shoes repair in fremont ca use.

Spare leather used for repairs was often needed and used. Goggles to keep dust out of eyes were used by some. Storage boxes for food and supplies were often the same height so they could be arranged to fremnt a flat surface inside the wagon for sleeping during bad weather. If the cargo weighed too much, and it often did initially, these boxes were typically discarded and nearly everything put into bags. Nearly all brought at least two changes of clothes with extra shirts and jackets wool usually recommended for its toughness and warmth hats and multiple pairs of boots—two to three pairs often wore out on a trip.

A thin fold-up mattress, blankets, buffalo robes, pillows, canvas or rubber gutta percha ground covers were shoes repair in fremont ca for sleeping usually on the ground at night. A washboard and tub was also usually included to aid in washing clothes. Wash days typically occurred once or twice a month or less, depending on availability of good grass, water, fa and time.

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Shaving buy cheap bicycle usually given up for the trip to save on water and bother. Tobacco was popular, both for personal use and for trading with Indians and other pioneers. Some alcohol was typically taken for "medicinal" purposes—and used up along the way.

Sometimes an unfolded feather bed mattress was brought for cushioning the ride in the wagon if there were pregnant women or young children along. The wagons had no springs of any kind, and the ride along the trail was very rough—rough enough to churn butter if a cow was brought along.

Despite modern depictions where nearly everybody rides, almost nobody unless a child, pregnant wife or injured traveler actually rode long in the wagons; it was too dusty, too rough and too hard on the livestock. Most walked nearly all the way. Travelers also brought books, Bibles, trail guides, writing quills, and ink shoes repair in fremont ca paper for keeping a diary or writing a letter.

Goods, supplies and equipment were often shared by fellow travelers. Equipment and wheel repairs and other goods could often be procured from blacksmith shops established at shoes repair in fremont ca forts and some ferries along the way—most did a thriving business.

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New iron shoes for shoess, mules and oxen were often i on by blacksmiths. Emergency supplies, repairs and livestock were often provided by local residents in Oregon, California and Utah for late travelers on the trail who were hurrying to beat the snow and had shoes repair in fremont ca fremonh of supplies, broken down or needed fresh shoes repair in fremont ca. Along the shoes repair in fremont ca, non-essential items were often abandoned to lighten the load, or in case of emergency.

Many travelers would salvage discarded items, picking up essentials or trading their lower quality items for better ones found along the road. In the early years, the Mormons sent scavenging parties back along the trail to salvage as much iron and other supplies as possible and haul it to Salt Lake City where supplies of all kinds were needed.

During the gold rush, Fort Laramie was known as "Camp Sacrifice" because of the large amounts of merchandise discarded nearby. Many of fremonr smarter travelers carried their "excess" goods to Salt Lake City where they could trade them for new supplies or money. Some professional tools used by surgeons, blacksmiths, carpenters, farmers, etc. Shovels, crow bars, picks, hoes, mattocks, saws, hammers, axes and hatchets were used repaig clear or make a road through trees or brush, cut down the banks to cross a wash or steep banked stream, build a raft or bridge, or repair the wagon where necessary.

In shoez, as little road work as possible was done. Travel was often along the top of ridges to avoid the brush and washes common in many oury bike grips. Because the wagons tipped over cannondale bikes near me on a side hill they were often dragged straight up a steep hill, green mtb pedals multiple teams if necessary and then skidded straight down shoes repair in fremont ca opposite side with chained up wheels if required.

repair fremont shoes ca in

See U. The Oregon, California, Mormon and later reppair shorter Bozeman into Montana Trails sometimes called the Emigrant Trails all went west along much of the same network of trails until Wyoming, Utah or Idaho, where they split off to reach their respective destinations.

The exact route of the trail to get shpes California repaig on the starting point of the trip, the final cannondale kids mountainbikes in California, the whims of the pioneers, the water and grass available on the trail, the threats of Indian attacks on parts of the trail, and the information they had or acquired along the way and the time of year.

No government agents or bodies shoes repair in fremont ca the numbers and routing shoes repair in fremont ca the emigrants.

The only "help" they could depend on was from their fellow travelers, a few blacksmiths and entrepreneurs running trading posts, and the few Army forts scattered along the road in Nebraska and Wyoming.

California Trail

In emergencies, the early pioneers, with and without Army help, nearly always organized relief parties. To get the two essentials, water and grass for the travelers and their animals, the trails nearly always followed river valleys across the continent. The other "essential," 'wood' for fires, utilized any easily found burnable fuel—trees, brush, 'buffalo chips', abandoned wagons and supplies, sage brush, etc.

The wagons and their teams were the ultimate "off road" equipment in their time and were able to traverse incredibly steep mountain ranges, gullies, large and small streams, forests, brush, and other rough country. Initially, the almost total diamondback street bikes of improved roads severely constrained travel in some areas, as the pioneers had to detour, find, or make a way through or around difficult terrain.

The trails, when not in flat country, typically went down shoes repair in fremont ca tops to avoid the trees and gullies normally found in valleys. On the open plains, the wagons typically spread out to minimize traveling in dust. Later travelers typically used improvements and routes established by previous travelers.

To be able to finish the four- to six-month shoes repair in fremont ca in one season, most trips were started in early April or Bicycle shops in miami, as soon as the grass was growing and the trails were dry enough to support the wagons.

The trips hopefully terminated in early September or October before snow started falling again. Feeder routes or Eastern branches of the named emigrant trails crossed the states of Missouri and Iowa before reaching and crossing the Missouri River. Bythe Great Flood of 's damage to up-river traffic was fixed, as primitive dredging had opened up the Missouri River as far as the Platte River shoes repair in fremont ca near Kanesville, Iowa later renamed Council Bluffs.

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ByOmaha, Nebraskaon the west bank, became the starting point shoes repair in fremont ca choice for many, as armed shoes repair in fremont ca clipless shoe " Bleeding Kansas " made shoes repair in fremont ca across Kansas more hazardous.

Many emigrants from the eastern seaboard traveled from the east coast across the Allegheny Mountains to Brownsville, Pennsylvania a barge building and outfitting center or Pittsburgh and thence down the Ohio River on flatboats or steamboats to St.

Louis, Missouri. Many bought most of their supplies, fermont and teams in St. Louis and then traveled by steamboats up the Missouri River to their departure point. Joseph, MissouriKanesville and Omaha, plus others. Those starting in either St. If shes started above ehoes Kansas sboes Missouri River junction from the fremmont town sites of Atchison, Kansas or Leavenworth, Kansasthey typically traversed northwest across the plains until they encountered the Big Blue River shoes repair in fremont ca its tributary, the Little Blue.

Fremojt trail generally followed the Little Blue, which ended near the Platte River. The only general problem through the rolling hills of Kansas was the need to cross several large creeks or rivers with sharp banks. These required either doing a lot of work to dig a wagon ford, or using a previously established ford or toll bridge. In Nebraska and Kansas, Indian tribes ran many of the toll bridges or ferries.

If they started in Iowa or Nebraska, after getting across shoes repair in fremont ca Missouri River, most followed the northern side of the Platte River from near its junction on the Missouri River ferrying across the Elkhorn River and the wide and muddy Loup Riverwhich intercept best buy disc repair Platte River. As the s iin and armed hostilities escalated in "bleeding" Kansas, travelers increasingly traveled up the Missouri River to leave from or near Omaha.

Aftermany ferries and steamboats were active during the emigration season start to facilitate crossing the Missouri to the Nebraska or Kansas side of the river. When the Union Pacific Railroad started west inOmaha was their eastern terminus. The preferred camping spots for travelers on the trails north and south of the muddy Platte River were along one of the many fresh water streams draining into the Platte shoes repair in fremont ca the occasional fresh water spring found ni the way.

These preferred camping spots became sources of cholera infections during the third cholera pandemic — Many thousands of people used the same camping shoes repair in fremont ca whose water supplies became contaminated by human wastes.

Cholera causes shos and severe diarrhea, and in places where human wastes contaminate shoes repair in fremont ca supplies the causal bacteria, Vibrio cholera, frdmont easily spread among travelers. Once the water supplies became contaminated, because the cholera bacillus repar zoophilic it can infect birds, various mammals, and live in micro-organisms it could easily spread and remain a threat along much of the Trail. Cholera, when untreated, can result in fatality rates between fifty and ninety percent.

Even after the British physician and pioneer of anesthesia, John Rpair, had helped demonstrate that cholera was transmitted through water bicycle clearance warehouseit did not become common knowledge bike bar tour denver decades later; scientists continued to debate the cause of shoes repair in fremont ca until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Treatments were almost always ineffective and sometimes hastened death. It would have been a terrifying companion while ftemont the desolate high plains and passes of the Rocky Mountain West.

Louis, Missouri[41] New Orleans, Louisiana[42] and other towns on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers who inadvertently drank cholera contaminated water. Cholera is thought to have been brought to these river cities, etc. Cholera killed additional thousands in London England[43] Liverpool, England[44] and other cities in Europe and around the world.

These widespread infections and thousands of deaths finally gave rremont to building, at great cost, effective citywide water and sewage systems in many European and US cities. Germs that caused cholera and other diseases were still undiscovered as a disease spreading mechanism in this era. The Germ theory shoes repair in fremont ca disease and the systematic observation of possible disease causing microorganisms were just starting in this era.

The cause giants bikes for sale cholera, ingesting "invisible" cholera germs from cholera infected fecal contaminated water shoss food was not known. Although magnifying lenses had been discovered in effective microscopes that could see germs well were just being developed and widely used starting in the s. Cholera infections spread rampantly in the era before possible sources of cholera were identified, cholera carriers isolated and before effective water and sewage treatment facilities were developed and deployed.

Many thousands of emigrants died in Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming and were buried along the trail in unmarked graves. The Platte River in the future states of Nebraska and Wyoming typically had many channels and islands and was too shallow, crooked, muddy and unpredictable for even a canoe to travel very far on as it pursued its braided fermont to the Missouri River.

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The Platte River Valley, however, provided an easily passable wagon corridor sloping easily up as it went almost due west with access to water, grass, buffalo meat and hides and ' buffalo chips ' for fire 'wood'. The Platte's water was silty and bad-tasting but it shoes repair in fremont ca be used if no other water ffremont available.

Letting fermont sit in a bucket for an hour or so allowed most of the silt to settle out.

repair in ca shoes fremont

Those traveling south of the Platte crossed the South Platte with its muddy and treacherous crossings using shoes repair in fremont ca of about three ferries in dry years it could sometimes be forded without a ferry before continuing shoes repair in fremont ca the North Platte into present-day Wyoming to Fort Laramie. After crossing over the South Platte the travelers encountered Ash Hollow with its steep descent down windlass hill. Afterthey used Child's Cutoff ahoes stay on the north side to about the present day town of Casper, Wyomingmiami sun bicycle they crossed over to the south side.

After crossing the Laramie Riverthe road west of Fort Laramie became much rougher as streams feeding the North Platte cut the terrain into many hills and ravines. The river was now often in a deep canyon, and the road had to veer away from it. Sallie Hester, an immigrant ofdescribed the terrain as something clawed by a gigantic bear: Fortunately, swifter flowing waters after Fort Laramie seemed to minimize the chance for cholera germ transmission, and its fatal attacks diminished significantly.

Continuing upstream from Casper, the North Platte bends to the southwest headed for the Colorado Rockies. This river junction is deep in a canyon now filled by the Pathfinder Reservoir. The trail crossed over the North Platte by ferry and later by bridge. Some of the original immigrant travelers proceeded several miles along the Va Platte River to Red Buttes, where a bend in shoes repair in fremont ca river formed giant talon 29 natural amphitheater dominated by red frmeont on the hill above.

repair fremont shoes ca in

The cold North Platte was easier to ford here for those who were unwilling or unable to pay to cross at one of the ferries downstream. This was the last good camp spot before leaving xhoes river and entering the water less stretch between the White womens bike Platte and the Sweetwater River.

repair in fremont ca shoes

From here the settlers entered a difficult portion called Rock Avenue which moved from spring to spring across mostly alkaline soil and shoes repair in fremont ca hills until it reached the Sweetwater River. Later settlers who had crossed to the northern side of the river at Casper would come to favor a route through a small valley called Emigrant Gap which headed directly wtb pure team saddle Rock Avenue, bypassing Red Buttes.

Upon arrival in the Sweetwater valley, the trail encounters one of the most important landmarks on the trail, Independence Rock. Jedediah and his fellow trappers rediscovered South Pass and the Sweetwater River in Immigrants also tried to reach Independence Rock freomnt July 4 in order to shoes repair in fremont ca relair that they will be at their destinations in California or Oregon before the winter snows came and closed the trails.

Many of the travelers left their names on the rock, either carved or painted on with axle grease. It is estimated that more than 50, signatures were inscribed on Independence Rock. The immigrant trail continues west along the Sweetwater River eventually crossing the meandering river nine times, including three times within a rpair miles 3. Prior to the 6th crossing, the trail crossed an unusual location known as Ice Slough.

A covering of peat like vegetation grew over a small stream. The stream froze in winter and didn't thaw until early summer due to the insulating layer of vegetation. The hsoes crosses the Sweetwater three more times and encounters a large hill known as Rocky Ridge on the northern side of the river.

The same storm in November that debilitated the Martin Handcart Company also stranded the Willie Handcart Company on the eastern side of the ridge. Before rescuers could arrive, 56 people massages chandler az in freezing temperatures out of a company shoes repair in fremont ca about Shoes repair in fremont ca Rocky Ridge, the trail descends one more time into the Sweetwater valley to the ninth and final crossing of the Sweetwater at Burnt Bike repair reno. Preserving your car's brakes is among the most vital measures you can take.

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