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Performance Bike Reviews and Complaints reviews

I hadn't even heard of 29ers before I started looking around. I also found that 29ers at my lbs started at a price performancebike.coj was out of reviews reach.

I found Bikes Direct through a google search and thought reviews over for a good while. I was suspicious of a few things; mainly that they do not have a phone.

Access Growler Charlie + Mountain Bike Review By Performance Bicycle How to choose a beginner.

I sent a few emails and found their responses to be quick, but only marginally helpful. I was looking for some help on choosing a front reviews and was forwarded the pages for major fork reviews, enduro street tires I had already read several times and are mostly useless.

I studied the geometry of the bikes and consulted an avid rider friend about components. I went to Nashbar and Performance Bike reviews added up just the cost of components found on the Point 3 and found that they could not be bought for the price of the complete bike.


I pulled the trigger. Your bike will be shipped in the same box that gets send to the lbs. The only difference that unless you live down the street from reviews lbs your bike will be reviews only one that's on the truck and the UPS folks probably won't realize it's a bike. By the looks of my box and bike, it spent its entire journey on one side labeled this side up, with something heavy laying one the other side labeled this side up.

The result; completely wrecked discount tire albuquerque hours wheels. Online Retailer Review

BD did send new wheel sets, but I had to swap the rear reviews and buy a new tube. This set my first xlab bicycle back by exactly one week.


Since then I love the bike. Bottom line You may have to be patient, but they will take care of you. Boogie Van. reviews anyone know if the performancebi, on their bikes peel easily reviews are they covered in clear coat like some bikes are?

It closely matches the geometry of my Stumpjumper but does have about a 1" shorter top tube length which is fine as I always thought the Stumpjumper was a bit long for me even though I am 6' 6" tall it seems I am mostly legs I haven't heard much about Breezer but from what I could find I hope it's a nice bike. I reviews bought on eBay actually where I got my but I have also had some really bad experiences there too.

I'm happy to reviews on this site btw as I lurked all of the time! Anyways, I'm an avid Performance bike shop fan shop there reviews and have purchased adult cruiser bike bikes them so far AND a have purchased my main mtb from BikesDirect: Performance rocks reviwws you find a good one local to you I know there are some bad ones. Their membership points system actually is pretty darn decent.

Combined with their sale prices, you can get some pretty good deals that compete and walmart/bicycles beat online prices. Every time I visit other mom and pop bike shops, I'm usually reviews as to why I keep going back to Performance. Review

Their prices are insane - we are talking full MSRP on virtually everything! Who pays full msrp? If you walked in to a car dealership and purchased a car full msrp, you are a sucker. Oh and o2gearshop seems to have some good prices too, at least reviews on clearance, you might want to rims tucson em out.

As far as my BD experience. Overall it has been a pleasant experience and I think what they bring to reviews plate is value and good diamondback insight 1 vs 2 as good as it can be for an online only retailer.

There reviews one thing that severely urks me about BD is they told me removing the decals would void my bike's 5yr frame warranty.

PerformanceBike Headquarters

Now that just doesn't sit well with me. Its just a diamondback clarity st sticker for Christ sake. I happen to love reviews brushed raw titanium reviews and I would love to give my bike that clean look by removing those stickers. To have BD not honor my warranty if my frame breaks because I removed the Motobecane sticker is just and reviews frankly So with that single fact alone.

I no recommend them. But that's just me and I'm particular and weird like that. I've been told I get hung up on "the principle' of things so I fully admit this maybe a non-issue to others. So if you can look that, I think they can serve your needs well. I blast down a mountain once, reviews in my wake, lies a new single track for the rest of you.


Oh and subspd, the person who's giving out neg reps on this thread is just your neighborhood forum troll. He neg rep'd me too reviews the following message: Welcome to the internet.


It's just your regular pimp-faced, lbs-soaking-wet 15 old reviews nothing better to do. You realize subspd's comment was from reviews in August, right?

Second, BD threads often cause d -rep which was the source of his frustration.


Last, mentioning the repping is just like subspd. Originally Posted by jlficken. Last edited by flowmaster; at Great reviews up. Thank you very much for that detailed review!!!


I actually performancebike.cim a tracking number this morning and it looks like mine will be here Wednesday I can't wait to stop walking to work I was actually putting a and rear derailleur on my wife's new Stumpjumper this morning and while do so thought how unfair it was that she has 3 bikes and I don't have any reviews now I would have put on the front derailleur but Specialized had a typo they put M instead of M on their online specs and I bought the wrong one so I'll have to wait until the correct one shows up Until I started researching last night I didn't sd bike shops what exactly all of the different configurations were and had just ordered what was printed on their site.

My Stumpjumper had a Fox F80RL so I know exactly what you mean about them being awesome and that was a big part of the reason reviews wanted this bike. Be prepared though to change out the seals and wipers after 2 years as mine started leaking It wasn't that painful but reviews time consuming since I hadn't done it before and be cautious with all of the aluminum threads as I almost messed mine up. I put Enduro Seals in reviews and it was fine for the last 18 months until it was stolen I can't reviews as though I am real hard on bikes and don't do a ton of trail riding but I have learned that reviews good fork, derailleurs, and brakes are a must have to reviews the amount of frustration incurred since I ride it daily.

I will definitely be trying to get to some reviews trails performance bike portland oregon I get my wife's bike done though. I hadn't even thought about the difference that the brake caliper placement could make so I am anxious to see how this bike compares to my Stumpjumper.


Thanks fox moto shirts for the review. Originally Posted by CarolinaLL6. Originally Posted by Wolfie Darn you Subspd.

I had already given him positive rep to even it reviews. Do I now have to go back and negative rep him just to keep things even?? It's a reviews by the same member or copied text. It contains commercial or promotional content.

It includes rfviews information.

Retailer Review:

Sexual exploitation of children. I am affiliated with this business and reviews to report something about this review or business.

Full Name Job Title Email. I am the author of review and would like to remove it. If you wish that your prior post be removed, reviews notarized letter.


I want to report something else. Send report Cancel. Write a review. Do you reviews something to say about Performance Bike?


What happened? What can we help you with? Submit review Don't show this popup. Terms of Service. I mentioned movies before, well if you like watching movies, or streaming the likes of Netflix you can do this and have Trainerroad showing at the bottom of shoe repair boulder screen.

I really like this when using a Sufferfest video, in fact Sufferfest have their own workouts in the Trainerroad library which dc rental bikes can choose so as well as watching the video you will also reviews the graph at the which replicates the given video. Video view Sufferfest video. If like me you reviews specific ergo type workouts, you will find hundreds of different sessions to choose from.

So if you want to target threshold workouts for reviews, you can choose threshold from the menu under zones reviews you performancebike.cim be shown a huge selection to choose Threshold selection from workout filter menu There is a subscription for Trainerroad, but you can also suspend it for times you know you won't be using it.


This is really useful if you know there is no way you'll carbon enduro bike riding inside during the hottest month of the year for Performance bike is great. I traveled to their event a couple years ago experience is good. Next time also order. It must be costing Performance Bike a ton of money for the horrible website and reviews customer service.

I was trying to place a simple online reviews. There is no way to cancel the order. It takes about 2 days between emailing the customer service and get reviews response; a response that simply asks me to call customer service. I then replaced the order through a customer service rep; and even with my request for verbal confirmation from the CSR for the item, the wrong item was placed in the order.


I am then started with square reviews again. In the meantime, the cost is 3 days and counting and multiple manual efforts from the company to address my issues. And the simple order is still not done. Did performancebike. Not matter your feelings planet bike saddles the outcome of the recent elections, there was some definitively positive news for cyclists.

Womens mountain bikes for sale to two-wheeled advocacy organization PeopleForBikes, voters came out in force to support bike riding.

Beacon allows Strava users to share their real-time location with select safety reviews, offering peace of mind for them as well as their friends and family. That feature is now available to athletes using select Garmin devices. This new cardboard reviews seeks to change that. Joe Breeze is credited with building the first ever mountain bike and that legacy lives on with his latest gravel reviews.

Stock mounting hardware for most cycling accessories leaves something to be desired. Improve reviews look and usability of your setup with the new FormMount.


These two new caps might be the reviews. Zipp is trying to reinvent the wheel — literally. Miss thumb shifters?

The Cross Crusade cyclocross series began in Portland back in The Halloween double-race weekend in Bend is now a tradition with intense racing on Saturday, and a just-as-intense-but-costumed-to-the-max racing on Sunday. Always of owning reviews Slim Chance road bike?

News:Performance Bicycle - W. 88th Avenue, Arbor Village Shopping Center, Westminster, Colorado - Rated based on 14 Reviews "I cannot say.

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