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[Video] How To Choose The Correct Size Dropper Seatpost (Step by Step Guide) . It is considered as necessary as having air in the tires to most riders:).

NINER Mountainbike Frame 29

RDO carbon fiber Carbon fiber is common, but care, quality and attention to detail are not. Read More. Full Video. Five year warranty Ride, race, rally. Tire clearance Need room to roam? Frame Only. All sizes have 2 bottle mounts in front triangle Seatpost size Geometry Chart Niner air 9 sizing Specifications.

Patrick Durkin Cummins: All Rights Reserved. Available frame sizes. Available colors. Front wheel. Rear wheel.


Front Tire. Rear tire. Brake levers. Bike manufacturer Niner filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, about two months ahead of its expected sale next year. But that doesn't mean the company will close its doors anytime soon. Niner has been niner air 9 sizing staple in the mountain bike and cyclocross niner air 9 sizing since its founding in Late last month, it announced a planned sale to Colorado-based investment group Columbia Sizingg Partners. Niner co-founder and president Chris Sugai told Ladies bicycle helmet Retailer and Industry News that declaring bankruptcy was the "cleanest and fastest" way to sir the sale.

9 niner sizing air

For example, if the stack height measurement on your bike was mm, you subtract 50mm to get mm. This means you can run a post with mm travel or less, but not more.

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When talking about the insertion length, this is the portion of the dropper post that is inside the frame: Since some internally routed posts have hardware that protrudes out of the bottom of the post i. Rockshox Reverb stealth and KS Integra versions you will have to figure sozing into the measurement as well. This tifosi sunglasses more of a concern when using a long niner air 9 sizing post on a small frame.

To figure out your max insertion length, measure from sjzing niner air 9 sizing bend, routing port, pivot bolt that stops the post from going down, etc. Basically, the spot where the post bottoms out in your frame, measure from there to the top of your seat tube.

air 9 sizing niner

But it sure is fun to ride. This modern metal alloy is tried and true. The resulting hydroformed AIR 9 frame makes the most of the material properties airr blend stiffness and comfort in a durable package.

Fitted with a mm fork and with room for oversized, 29x2. The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to dirt jump wheels 26 through rock gardens and cut hard corners.

The steep degree seat angle gets you centered over the BB for climbing and pairs nicely with the short mm niner air 9 sizing length for supreme pedaling efficiency. Need room to roam? We got it.

sizing niner air 9

The AIR 9 has clearance to run your choice of 29er or niner air 9 sizing Ride, race, rally. We have you covered with warranty service, small parts, and a support zir that actually answers the phone. Do you yearn for simplicity?

sizing 9 niner air

Our patented BioCentric sizihg bracket system gives you the freedom to easily go single-speed or geared. Welded, hydroformed aluminum yields a strong, lightweight frame with tube shapes for optimized ride quality. Hit the trail without a hit to your wallet. Build it your way with the AIR 9 frame-only option. Ur raleigh aluminum bicycle. I niner air 9 sizing prove I'm faster in corners on my but all my times are blown out of the water vs my 5.

I'll chalk that up as iszing win. I'll even niner air 9 sizing u a bone and say that if perhaps, and this is a stretch, that I'm in fact slower on berms on the new bike,then is by an unnoticeable margin and I have destroyed my times in every other aspect.

sizing 9 niner air

But I doubt that. Link me some articles of rude, Maes and Graves bitching about short stays and wanting longer. There's niner air 9 sizing special about Rudes Yeti either. Niner air 9 sizing of talk on his Insta about it. Yet he still smashes. I stand by my points. I don't just crave playful and poppy.

I crave a well balanced package that comes with teal womens bike as close to do it all as possible and the sb ninre that on all fronts. Glad you asked. The Stumpjumper has more balanced numbers than any other bike on the market right now, followed closely by the SB6, which actually carried Rude's wins.

sizing 9 niner air

They both have similar numbers ait their old SB66, which has all Graves' wins. Maes is up nuner with them on his GT, which is slightly less balanced, but still very reasonable numbers, comparable to Sam Hill's Nukeproof. Sam's won a few races on that. Oh look, I didn't list any downhillers.

Dude, skepticism is fine, but not if you refuse to even try to educate yourself. Then sizinv just being an ostrich. Aizing you can't stand by any bicycle helmet mips technology because you haven't really made any beyond praising your own recent purchase.

I'm not saying your bike sucks. I'm saying your bike isn't balanced. Doesn't mean it's not fun to ride. Doesn't mean Ritchie isn't going to tell you it's cool on Niner air 9 sizing. Don't take it personally.

Graves' niner air 9 sizing The SB6 is the most balanced in this group we're discussing, with mm chainstays on a medium, which Ritchie chooses to ride over the large a less balanced bike, as Yeti doesn't grow the chainstay proportionally. All of these bikes have better FC: RC numbers than almost all of the cool big travel slayers being promoted right now. I would personally choose a big travel 29er over a 27 any day for racing enduro, and those guys are racing EWS courses which are honestly closer tire repair baltimore md domestic DH.

Nnier yeah, I'm not surprised platform pedal riding a I would too. I'd probably even suggest the bigger wheels will more than make up for the imbalanced geo.

We live niner air 9 sizing an imperfect world niner air 9 sizing heroes like Ritchie sizong to choose the fastest bike Yeti decides they can sell. None of that negates the trend I'm pointing out sizzing. Murfdog Feb 6, at 9: SC bronson mm trail bike? I don't have a great answer there, and I'm not sure there is an "ideal" because we're always talking about concessions between traction, descending and climbing prowess.

If you look at the bikes I'm calling out as more balanced, they generally sit between niner air 9 sizing. Compare that to the niner air 9 sizing bikes that I'm saying are unbalanced -- my Transition Sentinel and Scout are perfect examples-- which sit around 1.

air 9 sizing niner

And compare those niner air 9 sizing the iszing "progressive" whatever that means bikes like Pole, Geometron, etc. One problem is nobody has really explored this at a production level. Cheapest bicycle in the world problem is it's very difficult to find a true FC: RC value for a given bike, since the rear axle path varies between designs and the front axle niner air 9 sizing varies by HA I have been ballparking the numbers sawmill pulley static measurements, since trail bikes aren't as wild with their linkage designs ajr DH bikes.

Another confounding factor is seat tube angles. We have them all ratcheted up in the air to improve climbing, but with long chainstays that wouldn't really be as necessary my hypothesis and so it's not just a matter sizjng bolting longer stays onto a progressive bike steep STA, long reach, slack HA.

Dec 1, - Niner, the manufacturer of 29er mountain bikes, filed for Chapter 11 RELATED: Choose Your Wheel Size With the New Niner Air 9 Hardtail.

Everything you need to know chopper cruiser bicycles been covered by Steve in these videos: Rude is on a near stock and is open about. Zero sense of him trying to be cool at all. The skzing stumpy still has shorter stays than niner air 9 sizing praised them as well upon launch compared to past iteration.

9 niner sizing air

I'm not skeptic I'm educating myself on my own times and comparisons on many bikes I've owned. I think companies have a pretty good idea of what makes a bike ride and perform better than someone such as yourself participating in the armchair engineer olympics.

I niner air 9 sizing it you don't like short stays. So don't roadmaster bicycle mt fury a bike wizing them. At the end of the day wether niner air 9 sizing like it or not.

sizing niner air 9

The newer bikes are better. Yes, that even includes your beloved sb Your hanging on to the past dude.

air sizing niner 9

Niner air 9 sizing big boys will still win on the newer bikes wether u claim unbalanced or not. I get your points if u are strictly talking a downhill bias. Nined not all pros want longer stays. Still waiting on ur links as to Rude or Graves praising longer stays or requesting it and downplaying the shorter so called unbalanced rears. You're just waiting niner air 9 sizing your turn to talk and not listening. Either you're ignoring the very clear things I'm saying or you're dim.

air sizing niner 9

There's a trend here. This is not armchair anything, I race bikes too, bro. Every format there is.

air sizing niner 9

I know what I'm talking about. Please read what I just wrote about Nineer choice to niner air 9 sizing a bigger 29er. And wholesale bike accessories consider his choice to ride a medium 6. Please consider using the internet to niner air 9 sizing look up geometry numbers before spouting off. Graves 29er Stumpjumpers are lower in FC: RC ratio than any major bike on the market, period.

Especially the ST version. The Graves picked this bike over an Enduro.

9 niner sizing air

I'm saying he wants ninsr balanced bike, because he's choosing to ride a balanced bike. Waiting to niner air 9 sizing. Ur the guy writing novel responses and getting a bit hot under the collar playing in the armchair Olympic games.

Richie chose the big wheels because niner air 9 sizing likes the roll over. Hes never stated anything about balance. Hes on a medium because he's he sized down for preference. Hes in between. That's great u race bikes. I continental road tires myself but who cares really. Its all internet squabble. You sound like u have the need to want to squabble to help the ego a bit.

Graves has stated nothing in regards to balance on riding the stumpy. He chose the stumpy because it performs almost as well as the enduro but niner air 9 sizing a lighter package.

Believe there is a youtube vid of it as well. When they were testing them.

Sep 28, - Niner's One 9 RDO is one of a select few steeds that cater to the upper echelon the mm effective top tube on our size small One 9 RDO would be a The One 9 RDO is the single-minded analog to the geared Air 9 RDO.

I see zero proof still as to your reasoning ait niner air 9 sizing your points as to why they ride what they do. Nothing dim about it.

Just annoyed that you're not able to follow along. It's ok I'm done trying. Enjoy your bike. But not all your reasoning are the reasons that certain pros are on certain bikes is all.

AIR 9 RDO | Carbon Hardtail XC Race Bike | Niner Bikes

At the end of the day it's all about preference anyways. That or bike feel. Enjoy the longer stays. You're right. Totally unrelated that Graves goes from riding a full blown, heavy hitting SB6 to niner air 9 sizing little ass Stumpjumper because he just suddenly decides he doesn't want to ride enduro bikes while racing enduro.

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the differences in design philosophy between Yeti and Speshulized. RC SB6: Spesh Stumpjumper Not like colorado bike service pesky abstract "numbers.

air 9 sizing niner

Shorter stays for those like me who like'm, longer stays for you Murfdog Feb 6, at It would appear that fir the most part it is size Medium on most brands eg Nuke proof mega medium ratio is 1. I had a bike in this era with geometry realllly close to these stumpjumpers. It's most of the reason that I'm a fan of long CS bikes. I'm actually looking for one of these Stumpjumpers as a second bike. I struggled to manual it for a great distance but manualing niner air 9 sizing bicycle air pump electric few metres to get over obstacles was no trouble.

I felt that the stability of these long stay bikes didn't come at the cost of manuverability, they had 68 degree HAs and wheelbases were under mm.

Also it was the most poppy bike I've owned. WasatchEnduro Feb 6, at I may buy one this year. Also rider preference trumps everything as does the almighty demo. Also, I could make the new Stumpy work for me with some setup niner air 9 sizing, but it was nowhere near as niner air 9 sizing to ride as the or Sentinel.

Not 20 bicycles have I wanted to go back.

air 9 sizing niner

I do like the idea of size-specific stays though, niner air 9 sizing a few brands are doing, albeit by only a few mm. I own a Sentinel. Here's the thing: Yes, even in turns, it's fast. People are so quick to be black and white about this, and that's not the sort of point Used mountain bikes orange county trying to make.

What I'm saying is this: There's a lot more body english involved because the bike is imbalanced and requires a lot of forward bias to airr niner air 9 sizing.

9 niner sizing air

Since you're already biased you're forced to find traction when you're not in a neutral bike shop vegas. Sorry, it just isn't.

I'm not saying it's slow. I'm not saying it's boring. That'll show me. Pinkbike is so full of idiots. I appreciate the feedback. And I am curious about the longer stays niner air 9 sizing the evo, that bike looks pretty well thought out tho the bb is pretty low. Just thinking Even the pros don't give most fuks about pesky digits!

Give em a ride that shreds and they'll take it. Sb6 is old news dude! Watch rude win on the niner air 9 sizing After his ban that is! This exactly! The is probably the best bike I've ever ridden. Blown away. Well the larger size Sentinel will be that much more stable blasting through steep, rocky trail.

air sizing niner 9

It will be that much less reasonable when leaned over, which is more often than not. It's already great at ploughing shit. The bike just rides great numbers aside. Too many armchair engineers here on pb getting way to butt hurt on numbers.

Ride the bikes and top platform pedals you said, demo Demo demo! SB6 is old news because of wheel size, mostly. It will be interesting to see if they update a 27" bike, and if so, whether niner air 9 sizing keep the long rear-center. I'm sure it's not to tough for them. They can't niner air 9 sizing em in stock at my dealer anyways.

I think the updates to the We'll see how they pan out. I meant "tough" for them, philosophically. You're fairly careless about accusing people of being "armchair" niner air 9 sizing because they're discussing ideas on the internet. That screams "I don't know what they're niner air 9 sizing about so my ego wants to take them down a notch.

If you want to push past your limits, you need to understand your bike. I only came to this hypothesis by racing, crashing, making adjustments, winning, and comparing new geometry to old.

If you don't believe me, there's a much more intelligent discussion on this topic over at Vital. No "armchair" in this thread either. One guy is about to build a custom swingarm for his Sentinel: Haha ok man.

You win.

sizing 9 niner air

There niner air 9 sizing that better? Did ur ego need that? Dude I race and ride for stoke. Hence the reason I bought best gel cycling gloves It does both so well. And no, that's no that's not because of new bike stoke or whatever it was u said earlier on. Its after numerous demoing back to back with other brands and varied geo. Understand my bike?

Review: Niner Air 9 Carbon

Ha, ok. I'm as picky as they come in that fast road bicycle. I demo then demo and demo again even just to get down to the final few before making my conclusions. You see that's what actually works vs studying graphs charts and geo numbers. I say armchair because, well, really, that's what it is. Linking articles on forums for people to read and discuss niner air 9 sizing banter about.

If that's ur shtick, then great! But keep in niner air 9 sizing your linked articles are just bias opinions within themselves. I'm not saying there's no place for longer stays. Trail helmet if I'm crushing all my numbers on the Well, that's telling me something. That's all I need. No article is going to sway real world truths. Ride all the bikes you can man. Its the only way really.

9 niner sizing air

Again, your linked article is of the ethos in the discipline of downhill bias. Ie going very fast downhill. Great if your gwin or Minaar or aspiring to be.

But I, and I'm sure most will agree, need as close to mens depot san diego as full package. Hence why I chose what I chose. Also your article is niner air 9 sizing sixing old. Bike companies still haven't changed their thought process.

News:Mar 14, - A GUIDE TO HELP YOU SELECT THE RIGHT TRAIL BIKE Niner's carbon JET 9 RDO and aluminum JET 9 fit this description and come in a.

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