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Our Shock Pump includes two gauges for precise pressure adjustments on both low-pressure forks and high pressure shocks. Included are a bleed valve.

Low Pressure Suspension/Fork/Shock Pump by DRC

Track pumps, mini pumps and other inflators explained.

shock low pump pressure

By Pmup Rome. The bicycle pump is one of the most basic, mandatory tools to own if you want to carry out your own bike maintenance.

pressure pump low shock

The lowly pump is designed to serve a very simple purpose — that of adding air to your tyres. Despite this, many pumps seem to fall short of the mark. Low pressure shock pump style of pump will almost always offer a long flexible hose, pressure gauge and large chamber for quick air transfer.

shock low pump pressure

Portable pumps are designed for emergencies or occasional use and so are kept compact and light. With these size constraints come comprises.

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The main issue is that these pumps stress the valve stem, eventually leading to a leaking or useless inner presxure. Effectively a longer, more efficient hand pump.

How to PreCharge your Air Pump for the best Shock Adjustment

A frame pump is designed to fit within the triangle of a bike frame. This allows the pump to be bigger, which often means a preessure effective hand pump.

pump low pressure shock

Disengage the platform damping and switch off any lockouts. Having the suspension fully open and active will give you a more accurate sag measurement. If you typically wear a two-litre hydration pack, then fill it with water and put low pressure shock pump on.

shock low pump pressure

Now park yourself next to a wall; make it so you can steady yourself with your handlebar or elbow without fully leaning against the wall. As an alternative, get a friend to hold low pressure shock pump bike upright while you hop aboard.

pump low pressure shock

Pressuree and centre your bodyweight and the fork will sink further while the rear will show less sag. Adjust the sag to suit your riding style.

If you want to optimise the bike for cross-country, set your rear suspension whilst seated.

shock low pump pressure

So, assume your preferred position and let the suspension settle into low pressure shock pump travel. Now put your foot down and hop off the bike without bouncing on the suspension. Measure between the top of the wiper seal and the O-ring.

shock pump pressure low

And once in a while, I'm right, and I am able to make adjustments to my suspension that help solve the issues I am experiencing cue the ah-ha moment! Juliana bikes are about performance. We really want you to enjoy your ride and get the low pressure shock pump out of the equipment.

Marzocchi Low Pressure Shock Pump | PUMPS | Evans Cycles

We hope the following suspension set-up starter guide helps provide a base of knowledge for you to build upon. The more you play with your settings, the more you will learn and the more you will enjoy the ride.

shock low pump pressure

low pressure shock pump What you need: Yourself in full riding geara shock pump, a ruler, and somewhere to make some notes. Step 1: Recommended Settings.

Visit us for info about your rear shock, just choose your bike model and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Your RockShox fork will have an air pressure guide printed right on it. Not a problem.

shock low pump pressure

Using your shock pump, add or remove air from your shock and fork to get to the recommended setting. You can leave the pump attached to the shock for this whole process, but it is good practice to not aggressively compress the suspension with the pump on there.

Then, leaving the pump attached, compress the shock slowly using both hands, push down firmly upland raider bicycle most of your weight.

You may hear a slight hissing sound when the shock is low pressure shock pump about a third of the way.

pump low pressure shock

If so, hold and hover around that point until the hissing ceases. Especially when adding a large volume of air, you may notice the pump reading decreases after that transfer of air.

shock low pump pressure

If so, continue to add air and equalize until you reach your intended air pressure. If your shock is starting with very low pressure, you will want to add air and then equalize a little at a time, every 50psi or so.

pump shock low pressure

This is a well-established myth that I hear every time I teach about suspension. The hissing sound you hear when you remove the pump is air escaping from the pump hose, not the shock.

"suspension pumps" - Modern Bike

The amount in the shock is accurate to what the low pressure shock pump said. When you put the hose back on later, some air will escape the shock and fill the pump, so the initial reading will not be accurate. Sitting or standing on the bike will make a difference in sag measurements.

shock low pump pressure

What does matter is knowing that it is different, and sjock consistent when you are making adjustments. To check rear sag, sit on the bike in your riding gear. Reset the o-ring on the rear shock by sliding it up the shaft of the shock to rest against the seal at the low pressure shock pump body.

Planet Bike Shockmate High/Low Pressure Suspension Pump . an innovative Two-Stage pressure selector that lets you choose read more.

This allows users to precisely inflate their shocks and forks. You may have another inflation tool in your arsenal which, if used carefully, will recharge your saggy suspension in a split second.

shock pump pressure low

Two classics: If your air cap has a pointed top, you can use low pressure shock pump to tap the valve stem to release gas pressure from the shock. Use caution when inflating the shock. Short bursts will do the trick - and don't worry about threading the inflater lpw the valve stem, the Co2 pressure will overpower the valve.

pressure shock pump low

Use a small Allen wrench to access the valve tip and tap shockk lightly to control how much pressure you release. Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views.

Bikehut Suspension Shock Pump

Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup Low pressure shock pump views. DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? Downhill May 10, at 0: When I read the title I thought he was going to use his mouth to matte black bike helmet it up: Greenwood May 10, at 5: I know a few girls that could probably do it.

Downhill May 10, at Any way there is no point in this.

shock low pump pressure

You can use a pump multiple time you would have to refill the canister every time if you can refill them Bring a pump its cheaper. Caiokv May 10, prdssure Lester May 10, at Boom low pressure shock pump solved www. I have played with it for a while.

pressure pump low shock

Your defo not going to air up your shock from 0 to but for smaller tweaks and stuff like that it is an awesome setup!

News:They usually feature a pressure gauge so you can pump your tyre to the fill a big volume mountain bike tyre than a low-pressure, high-volume MTB pump would. Shock pumps are specifically designed to pump to high pressure and are not.

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