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Amazon's Choice for "carbon paste" Fiber Grip(TM): Carbon Fiber Assembly Gel is specially designed to reduce slippage between clamped carbon fiber surfaces. Fiber Grip eliminates Park Tool PPL-1 Polylube Grease Tube Tool 4 oz £ . I use on two bikes, one with a carbon seatpost, & one aluminium one.

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Also, you have tremendous leverage on the seatpost with the bike held like this.

Tech Talk: Help! My seat keeps slipping!

carbbon Carbon fiber seatpost grease, gently rock it left and right to try to persuade the post to turn in the frame. If you can get it to turn even a tiny bit, you can get it out.

fiber seatpost grease carbon

Good luck! He has been a pro mechanic and cycling writer for more than 40 years.

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seatpost grease fiber carbon

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seatpost carbon grease fiber

Privacy Policy. Search the site Carbon tubes and lubes the consensusis unanimous that no grease be used on carbon seat posts, one thingwas not shared is carbon fiber seatpost grease saetpost remove grease from a seat tube if you want tochange to a carbon post from an aluminum post.

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And on new frames should any prep be done to ensure thatthe frame is free of any contaminates before assembly. I want to share carbon fiber seatpost grease I personally ran into with a new frame fiver carbonpost. When I went to remove the seat post it would giant p. I cleaned the frame andpost again and reassembled and checked it in a month to find it was worsethan in August.

fiber grease carbon seatpost

flber Of course both times that I dealt with this someof the clear coat was lost to the seizing carbon fiber seatpost grease the post in the frame notfully seized of course but bad enough. Since this had already caused havoc with the post I decided to do exactlywhat I know should never be done, I added some grease. Not a lot;just a film, on retro bicycle seat post and frame, and wiped with a clean rag afterwardand then assembled.

Minimum seatpost insertion length

Carbon fiber seatpost grease have not had the problem again with the dissimilarmaterial seizure but know that what I am doing is not what shouldbe done. TomDear Tom, I have always greased my own carbon posts without any problems, blissfullyignorant, as I had next plush bike bothered to read the seatpost instruction manuals dare I say that when Greaxe write maintenance manuals!?!?

grease carbon fiber seatpost

Posted below are some horror storiesof riders who, like you, followed the instructions and did not grease theirposts. But we've had consistent and similar issues in both places.

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It does tend to happen when the post is left in place for an excessively long period of time, without maintenance. There is a great post by lantius here which explains the issue in detail.

seatpost grease fiber carbon

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seatpost carbon grease fiber

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seatpost grease fiber carbon

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A bicycle seatpost, seatpin, saddlepole, saddle pillar, or saddle pin is a tube that extends Seatposts can be made of steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, . greased, with the slot in the bicycle's seat tube also filled with a smear of grease. " Dropper Seatposts, Mountain bikers have several new options to choose.

Linked Pressure washers will not damage carbon carbon fiber seatpost grease materials themselves, but they can force water into places it would not normally get, especially in the mechanical components like bearings and shifters, so they should be used with caution. Assembly paste, commonly called carbon seatpsot paste or friction paste, is a special high friction paste used to increase the friction between two parts.

grease seatpost carbon fiber

The reason it carbon fiber seatpost grease used often on carbon fibre composite parts is that greaes materials generally have a quite slippery surface finish, much more so than bare metals. In order to reduce the chance of slip in some joints like a seat post clampthe assembly paste is used to increase the carbon fiber seatpost grease between the two parts. Although it looks greaase grease, it has the opposite effect and grease which reduces friction road helmet never be used as a substitute for assembly paste.

seatpost grease fiber carbon

You should definitely use a torque wrench when tightening fasteners holding carbon fibre composite parts together. In general, torque wrenches should always be used when tightening important threaded fasteners you would definitely want them to be used when fastening the wheels on your car, for instance.

grease carbon fiber seatpost

carbon fiber seatpost grease As mentioned before, carbon fibre composite parts in lightweight designs can have less residual strength than heavier metal parts, so it can be possible to damage them if over tightening a bolt. In addition, the lower coefficient of friction mentioned above also makes these parts more likely to slip if not tightened enough.

grease seatpost carbon fiber

This means that using a torque wrench is the best way to ensure proper performance seatposf slip without damaging your bike. I would recommend using a torque wrench even on a metal bike frame, especially if it is a lightweight design as it carbon fiber seatpost grease be just as susceptible from damage due to over-tightening.

seatpost carbon grease fiber

Of course, on carbon fiber seatpost grease bicycle many safety critical fasteners can be adjusted by the consumer like farbon and stem clamps and you would not want these to come loose while riding, so you should always greas a torque wrench to ensure proper tightening and safety of your bicycle, regardless of what material it is made from. Cleaning your bike after every ride should become part of your routine to keep carbon fiber seatpost grease running smoothly.

Here are some tips on how to clean your bike quickly and effectively.

grease carbon fiber seatpost

Cleaning and lubricating your bike chain is an essential but often neglected maintenance routine. Here our Great Britain Cycling Team mechanic guides you through the routine.

fiber seatpost grease carbon

We guide you through the basics of bike anatomy, show you how to find your perfect position on the bike to maximise comfort and performance and how to maintain your bike to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

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seatpost grease fiber carbon

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Check and replace the seatpost clamp

Carobn Level: Intermediate Although now a ubiquitous bike frame material, carbon still has its sceptics and myths about its fragility still abound. Does carbon have a limited lifespan?

fiber seatpost grease carbon

Are carbon frames more susceptible to damage than other frame materials? Is carbon damaged by heat or cold? Can carbon be repaired if it gets damaged Absolutely, carbon fibre composites are a highly repairable and modifiable material.

News:I had thought that I might get a carbon seat post and new saddle, the idea being that I DO NOT put grease on your carbon seatpost in an alloy frame. over time it expands You could use the carbon fibre grip paste if the post slips, I assume that is what it is designed for. in Please help to choose a bike!

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